A message from our owner, Jim King


This system is proven to work and not fail while saving homeowners thousands of dollars. The King Pier – Foundation Pier & Stabilization System was designed by me (Jim King) who went to work as a young man at the age of 23 for one of the largest and most well-known construction companies, Clarkson Construction Co. in Kansas City, Mo. I  was hired as an estimator in the Engineering Dept. to bid on large Missouri & Kansas Departments of Transportation on State Road & Bridge projects. 

I noticed while in high school that I could look at a set of blueprints laid out on a table in front of me, and visualize the paved roads with new curbs and sidewalks with freshly laid green sod.

When I was 16 years of age, my father knew an older man that had his own business repairing foundations. This gentleman treated me great, although I was his “workhorse”. On jobs, he would have me sometimes dig on the outside of a house down to the footing level of the house (no shoring or anything else was provided).

Looking back at how dangerous that was, I surely had a Guardian Angel looking out for me. Anyway, I did learn just about everything that had to do with foundations. The tougher the job the better.

As a result, I have created a flawless system! I wanted to Engineer a foundation pier that would allow me to sleep very well at night knowing that the King Pier has saved people thousands of dollars, yet giving them and me the security of the footing never sinking again!

Thanks so much for choosing King Piers LLC.


Most Sincerely,

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