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New Foundation Repair Projects in KC

Today Foundation Repair Specialist has the crews working in Olathe, Kansas, Kansas City and Independence. The project in Independence, Mo. is waterproofing the basement which was completed last week. Today we are digging below the footing that the fireplace is sitting. The fireplace is falling away from the house 2″. We will install a load bearing steel plate at 13″ below the footing, then place the king pier in the middle of the load bearing steel plate. We will put two 30 ton hydraulic jacks next to the king pier and on top of the steel load bearing plate.

The hydraulic jacks will be place on the outside perimeter of the footing so when we start to raise the fireplace it will tilt the fireplace back against the house to its correct position. We will then shim the king pier using steel shims and drop our hydraulic jacks out of the hole. The fireplace will be sitting and  totally supported by our steel load bearing plate and king pier. The last step will be filling the specially dug square hole up with concrete, reinforced with fiber mesh up to the top of the footing. We vibrate the concrete in the hole that way the concrete surrounds the king pier in its entirety.

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The job in Olathe, Kansas is lifting an existing sunken concrete pad that has a room addition sitting on it. The pad has no footing, so we have dug at various locations down and will install a concrete pad that once cured out we will place our load bearing steel plate on the top of along with the king pier.

We raise the foundation or structure using two, thirty ton hydraulic bottle jacks. Once the lift has been completed and the structure is back to its correct elevation, we shim the king pier with steel shims. The last steel shim will have to be hammered in using a sledge hammer. We then drop our hydraulic jacks
out of the hole. The last step is pouring concrete in the specially dug hole. We will pour the concrete up to the top of the existing footing.

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