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North Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialist Gladstone

NKC Foundation Repair Specialist

The King Pier Team finished digging the King Pier holes on a STONE FOUNDATION WALL in Kansas City, Mo last week. The 3ft thick High Strength Concrete was poured into the King Pier Holes last Friday. The Concrete will have had 72 hours of cure time by tomorrow mid morning. The 3ft of concrete poured on top of a 1/2″ this Load Bearing Steel Plate that is pound for pound stronger than the 3ft of High Strength Concrete.  The King Pier System is based on providing a pushing platform underneath the existing concrete footing, then using hydraulic Jacks sitting directly on the 3ft thick concrete poured 72 hours prior to hydraulically lift the footing back to its correct level elevation. Each King Pier Contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete ENCASED around 300 pounds of Steel after the footing has been raised to its correct true level elevation.

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