NKC Sinking Concrete Porch

NKC Sinking Concrete Porch –  Today the King Pier Team was in NORTH KANSAS CITY preparing to Pier up a sinking concrete front porch


Today the King Pier Team was in NORTH KANSAS CITY preparing to Pier up a sinking concrete front porch. Then we will go to the basement and raise the floor joist so that the main floor is level. In BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI we RAISED a sinking footing back to its correct elevation by installing 7 King Piers along the South and West side of the home.  The house will be stabilized to the extreme! Each King Pier contains 300 pounds of high-strength steel to be encased around 4 cubic yards of high-strength concrete. The main reason the footings are sinking in groves after the 2012 drought is because the footings are generally too small be the specification. To me, it makes no sense to build a beautiful home and support it with only a 6″ thick 2′ wide footing. That’s to me is a ridiculous design for a footing. The footing I described would be fine for a shed but not a home.  The next project for the King Pier Team is on a home in KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI that has a STONE FOUNDATION. The King Pier Team will fully RESTORE and RENOVATE this old STONE FOUNDATION in KC.  We will be installing 7 King Piers at various areas in the front of the home. Most Stone Foundations don’t have a Footing like a concrete foundation or even a cinder block foundation wall. It’s a special process to actually raise stone and mortar that has been in place for years. The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System can solve the problem of a sinking stone foundation wall. STONE FOUNDATION RENOVATION to do it right is a LOST ART. Stone Foundations are my favorite of all foundations, Once in a great while I will come across a STONE FOUNDATION that is actually sitting on a concrete footing. The footing on a STONE FOUNDATION WALL should be a minimum of 3′ in width and 24″ Thick in High Strength Concrete.  This footing at the bottom of a 2 ‘ wide STONE FOOTING Would last literally forever with minimum maintenance.

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