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Olathe Kansas Foundation Repair

Watch this Olathe Kansas Foundation Repair project. Can you find the added bonus for the homeowner?

Olathe, Kansas Foundation Repair

This home’s concrete slab showed signs of failure at the footing. King Piers is pouring concrete into the slab to fully encase the piers so that the damage will be eliminated forever. As an added bonus, the homeowner is going to repurpose all that dirt for a brand new yard.  Win-Win!

We’ll travel anywhere

King Piers LLC’s Team of foundation repair specialists will travel anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking home, building, or structure. The King Piers System is the Biggest and Strongest Foundation Pier ever engineered.

The King Pier Methodology

The King Piers LLC has 4 different offsets of the King Pier System. Our King Pier I is our most used foundation pier. The most widely used pier is our King Pier II which is suitable for almost all structures. And the King Piers III & IV are used on buildings or homes that are setting on a hillside, such as the beautiful homes in Parkville, Mo.  These monster piers will keep your home stable even in the most unsuitable soils.  King Pier has been installed underneath homes and buildings all over the USA and never has a King Pier Failed after being installed.

Our Proven Method

Our record of successful foundation lifting projects is unmatched by our competition and their foundation piering systems. Our King Piers’ way of lifting a sunken footing back to its correct level elevation never calls for the drilling of holes into an already weak and sunken footing or foundation wall. In other words, the other foundation pier systems require the drilling of holes into the existing footing or foundation wall which does nothing but cause further damage to an already compromised footing and foundation wall. The King Pier System is Environmentally Safe. Other Pier systems are not so friendly to Mother Earth and her Environment.

The King Piers Foundation Pier System continues to set the Standard in lifting a building or home back to its correct level elevation and permanently stabilizing the building permanently!

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