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Owner Testimonial Concordia MO

Owner Testimonial Concordia MO

King Piers to the Rescue in Concordia.

This piering job was in response to a frustrated homeowner that couldn’t open or close a garage window for 9 years and the same with the door leading into the house!

King Piers raised and leveled the foundation using 3 King Piers back to its correct elevation.  Even the owner got in on the action!

The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, structure, or home. The #kingpiersmethodology is among the world’s biggest and strongest foundation piering system ever engineered. To date, no King Pier has failed after being installed. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is in a class by itself. The King Piers System is a copyrighted and trademarked system that was engineered by foundation pier expert J.W. King.  The King Piers System of raising and stabilizing a sinking footing is a green piering system. The King Piers’s way of raising a foundation wall at the failed footing does not require drilling holes into an already deteriorating and damaged foundation wall or footing. This is literally causing additional damage to your foundation and footing. The King Piers way NEVER involves drilling holes into the footing or foundation wall.  No matter what soil your home, building, or structure is sitting on, the King Pier will Permanently Stabilize the footing after the footing is raised back to its true correct level elevation. We offer free foundation repair estimates as well as giving discounts to U.S. Military Veterans and Senior Citizens.

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