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Permanent Foundation Crack Repair Lees Summit

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King Piers LLC Foundation Piering Methodology is the only foundation pier system that never requires breaking the footing. The King Piers Methodology never requires drilling of any holes into the foundation wall. The other foundation piering systems fail when compared to the King Pier System.

  1. The King Piers Methodology GUARANTEES to raise the sunken footing back to its correct level elevation.  No other foundation piering system Guarantees to lift the footing back to level but only to stabilize the footing from further sinking.
  2. King Piers LLC has 4 different foundation piers. Essentially a foundation pier that suits any situation, that is backed and Engineered Stamped by Norton & Schmidt Structural Engineers. The King Pier I, II, III & IV are taking over the foundation piering industry in the Midwest.
  3. King Piers Methodology is a Green System. Never will the King Piers System ever contaminate the soil.
  4. The King Piers can be installed on the outside of the home or can be installed on the interior of the home. If installed on the exterior of the home the yard in between the King Piers will be left undisturbed. The King Pier System is so strong that it doesn’t require digging the soil down to the footing from one corner of the foundation to the next.
  5. In comparing prices with our competitors the King Pier wins every time. The King Piers have been Engineered to be installed 10 feet apart from each other thus when piering the entire home, it takes many more of the other piers in comparison to the King Pier.

Permanent Foundation Crack Repair Lees Summit

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