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Permanent Foundation Crack Repair Project

Permanent Foundation Crack Repair Project –  the below video shows how we corrected a foundation crack to seal this basement and make it fully waterproofed.  

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Basement water infiltration is a huge problem for many homeowners when heavy rain occurs. As a result, water can filtrate down the exterior portion of the foundation wall.  Once there, it can go underneath the footing and appear inside the basement where the concrete floor abuts the concrete foundation wall. Under those circumstances, cracks in the foundation wall will allow water to infiltrate the interior wall.  Moreover, with gravity forces, the water will end up on the floor. In a basement that is finished, most homeowners think the infiltration is groundwater and the only solution is to install a sump pump. If the basement walls are visible, examine the foundation for cracks, bowing, and settlement.  

If your home has cracks in the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows that don’t open and shut properly, most likely you have a footing failure. Because of this, the footing supporting your home has broken and will result in visible cracks in the drywall and concrete foundation walls.

The King Piers LLC Team of Foundation Piering Specialists will travel anywhere in the USA to SAVE a SINKING Building, House, or Structure!  The King Piers I, II, III & IV are setting the Standard in Raising and Stabilizing a Heavy Structure Permanently!

Your home is in good hands with King Piers LLC 

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