Raise and Stabilize a Porch in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Raise and stabilize a porch in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The King Pier Team started a new project today.  This is an existing 100 year old home with a back porch that is going to be turned into a bathroom. The King Pier Team was hired to Raise and Stabilize the porch. My approach to such a task would be to use 6″ x 6″ Treated Wood Support Beams That will run HORIZONTAL along the underneath porch floor joist. Vertical 6″ x 6″ Wood Support Beams be installed permanently after raising the floor back to its correct level elevation (Using Hydraulic Jacks). On the exterior of the back porch we will dig a 2′ wide by 1′ deep footing Using High Strength Concrete. This is overkill for only a 3 – Cinder Block Tall Wall Mortared on the footing enclosing the underneath crawl space side from Critters and cold Temperatures.  Tomorrow, I will have pictures and videos of this project for all our King Pier Fans to view.

For now here are some random video’s from previous King Pier projects. Enjoy!

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