Raising Buildings back to Level

Raising buildings back to level!Raising buildings back to Level is our promise!

King Piers is proud to exclaim that we have been raising buildings back to Level for a long professional history using our sound engineering foundation methodology! 
From commercial buildings to homes to even swimming pools, our sound engineering methodology will guarantee that every job, no matter how small or large can be brought to level status. Using our proven guiding customer focused, building focused, AND our issue focused principals of listening to our customers, diagnosing the issue and applying our sound engineering methodology, you can be sure that when we are finished, your structure will be level, sound and safe!  GUARANTEED!
Take a look below for some examples of our work!
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Check out this video where we raised a building back to level in Independence Missouri.

This video shows our expertise in the commercial foundation business – check it out!

Another sinking building in KC brought back to life with the King Piers Methodology! Check it out!

The King Piers team traveled to St. Louis to help raise and stabilize this warehouse concrete floor!

King Piers in Kansas City!

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