Repairing Swimming Pools using the King Piers Methodology

King Piers is well versed in lifting very heavy structures, from commercial buildings, garages, and entire 3-story houses. But King Piers wanted to do more!  So we set out to design a foundation failure fix for swimming pools.  Many pool owners had to go to drastic measures to repair their pools even to the point of tearing the whole thing out and starting anew. But now that King Piers has successfully raised 3 pools, including a large (not to mention, very heavy) commercial pool, pool owners have an option to keep their pools and simply raise them to remove cracks.  We are so thrilled to be able to do this.  So read on to learn how we are repairing swimming pools using the King Piers Methodology.

swimming pool repair North Kansas City

North Kansas City – community pool at Steeplechase Apartments raised on fill dirt with a 3’ settlement. Our initial concern was damaging the concrete area abutting the pool, but thankfully, we saw no such concerns come to fruition. Our team saw cut the 12-inch-thick foundation of the pool to get underneath and create a footing.  We installed 20 King piers II to successfully raise this pool, which was a feat in itself, as we worked collaboratively to simultaneously raise each pier.   We then installed support beams to the floor of the pool for extra stability and then finally, poured our high-strength concrete to fully encase each King Pier.  King Piers is the recorded first pier system ever to successfully lift a commercial concrete swimming pool back to its original built elevation, by raising the pool 4” using the King Piers methodology.

digging a pool at the footing level
cracks in commercial swimming pool

Lee’s Summit – our second pool came with the owners asking us to save their family pool.  King Piers showed up, and excavated around the perimeter and into the bowl of the pool.  We installed 18 King Piers II and fully encased them in high-strength concrete to successfully raise this pool by approximately 4.5″.  Another complete win for our trusting loyal customers and for King Piers as well.

cracks in a residential swimming pool
snap line for leveling swimming pool

Lee’s Summit – our third pool raise occurred at a Lee’s Summit family pool built on gravel and dirt.  The pool had sunk approximately, 10”. We used 18 King Piers II, which equates to approximately 300 million pounds, to raise this pool.  The pool had significantly dropped in one corner, while the opposite corner had significantly raised creating not only a safety hazard but potentially a total pool loss.  After the pool was drained, excavation occurred around the perimeter and then we installed load-bearing steel plates for each of our individual King Piers II around the perimeter, encasing each pier with our high-strength concrete and the pool floor to make this pool enjoyable again for this family.

raising a swimming pool Lee's Summit
footing of a swimming pool Lee's Summit

Do you have a pool in need of some King Piers love? We can do these types of lifts any time of the year, but with Fall and Winter coming, it’s an even more perfect time to check this off your list so that when it’s time to dive in again, you’ll be ready with a sparkling blue, crack-free pool!  Contact us today!

You can see us in action by watching our YouTube Playlist on Swimming Pools!