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Ruminations on Engineering…

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Residents! January 30, 2014, was another good day for the King Piers Team. In 2 days in INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI I dug the dirt away from the foundation down to the footing to relieve weight and pressure off the wall. I installed 2 King Piers, Pushed the wall to a vertical elevation, and set 5 H-Beam Steel Wall Braces. Pretty good 2 days! The Church Board elected King Piers to Stabilize the POLO, MISSOURI United Methodist Church today. It’s been a good week for the King Pier Team! I enjoy traveling and meeting new people while educating them on the real reasons why their home is sinking. Most of the footings I encounter are shallow in depth and thin in width. Looking at it from an engineering point of view, it makes no sense to build a beautiful home on top of such a shallow footing. Makes no sense to me, but the City Code prevails on the minimum. You will be far ahead of the game financially in the long term upkeep costs of owning a home, if when building your home make sure that the house is built on a footing meeting this specification and your foundation repair cost over the years will be minimal. Footing Width: 4Ft Footing Depth: 4Ft Concrete Spec: 4000 psi air-entrained concrete, 100% Cement (NO Flyash) Reinforced with Fiber Mesh! 

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