Saving a Church in Grant City

Grant City, Mo Foundation Repair

The King Piers Team is in Grant City, Mo this week installing 8  King Piers underneath the Baptist Church. The church has severe sinking issues. Fractures in the brick and gaps between the mortar joints will all come together nicely when we begin raising the concrete footing back to its correct level elevation.

The King Pier I is the most used King Pier. We have a King Pier I, II, III, IV & V. Essentially, a foundation pier that is perfect for various situations. No other foundation piering system has so many different piers to save the homeowner time and additional expenses.

A very important factor to consider when deciding which foundation piering system you want supporting your home, is that the King Pier has never failed and with over 4000 King Piers underneath homes and buildings throughout the Midwest, the King Pier is literally the King of Piers!

The King Pier IV will be used on the end of the Baptist Church where it has started to settle approximately 3 inches.

The King Piers LLC team of experts has saved thousands of homes throughout the Midwest that was sinking. The #kingpiersmethodology is vastly different than all of the other foundation piering systems being installed today. The helical pier that is pushed to bedrock is a common method of stabilizing a sunken footing. The King Piers System is far better and is much bigger and stronger. The load-bearing compression strength of the King Pier far exceeds any other piering system.

What our Customers have to say about King Piers LLCPaul Barr As the homeowner of this project I must say that Jim king grant and the crew did an amazing job! I am definitely impressed with their professional attitude and desire to ensure my satisfaction! Thank you for your performance! Enrich is awesome!

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