King Piers Services

Focused Services - Guaranteed!

Focused services are what we stand by – Many companies claim a long list of services, we don’t.

King Piers LLC was founded with a focused vision: We would rather be the best at a few services than offer the most variety.

Every project that the King Piers Team does, homeowners are thrilled to see exactly where their money is going and feel confident that the largest purchase they make, their home, is safe sound for generations to come. Commercial building owners also have the same satisfaction knowing that their property remains strong and stable for their businesses or tenants.  It’s no surprise that each customer becomes a friend and a King Piers Family Member forever because we guarantee our results!

And to further sweeten the deal, the King Piers solutions are also less expensive than all of the other systems out there!

We are Kansas City’s experts when it comes to:

If we cannot help you, feel free to contact us so we can recommend a locally-owned business that specializes in meeting your needs.

All our work is posted on YouTube, go check it out to see our results.