Commercial Building Foundation Repair

Commercial Building Damage Relief

Commercial buildings are large, dense, heavy structures that require a close and watchful eye to the basic structural soundness.

Our commercial building foundation repair specialists are trained to identify, diagnose, and prescribe an action plan to bring any structure back to soundness.

Commercial buildings are some of the most expensive investments anyone ever makes and the last thing any business owner wants to worry about is the structural soundness of that building. Damage to these buildings can cost your investment, your business, and ultimately your tenants’ safety.

Commercial Building Problems

Several problems can occur at the foundation level that, over time, lessen the strength and durability of the building.

Exterior and interior cracks, both vertical and horizontal, are signs that the foundation or plumbing may need to be evaluated.

Sinking or settling in parts of your building is oftentimes the result of the type of foundation that holds up the structure, such as soil, concrete, or a basement.

Soil changes composition based on moisture and concrete shifts are most likely the reason for these types of issues.

Another problem is the upheaval of concrete over time. In most cases, this is caused by excessive moisture collecting around the foundation.

At the very least, consider getting your property checked out with a free estimate – our goal is to help your business thrive while remaining safe.

The King Piers Difference

Our King Piers Commercial Building Foundation Repair specialists are skilled and capable of addressing all these issues and more by setting your mind at ease about your building. 

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