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Concrete repairs are inevitable in the Midwest! It’s a fact that the Midwest is a wonderful place to live for a variety of reasons.  However, the ground it sits on is made up of soil compositions and ever-changing weather conditions that can be harsh on concrete foundations and structures.  Most homeowners, through the life of their homes, will experience some sort of concrete repair issue.  But never fear, our King Piers team of Concrete Repair Specialists are here to help!

Concrete Structural Damage Causes

The two most prevailing issues with concrete structural damage are cracks and leaning walls.  

Cracks – Horizontal cracks in the middle of walls create a bowing-in effect, and as a result, the foundation wall will often have other types of cracks, such as diagonal ones. This issue is most often caused by engorgement of the expansive clay soil that the wall or foundation sits upon.  This puts excessive lateral pressure on the wall which can cause the structure to fail and cause damage to the structure that sits above it. 

Leaning Walls – When the pressure against a concrete wall, either concrete block or poured concrete, is more than the concrete can withhold, walls begin to structurally decline.  Symptoms most often include leaning and cracks. 


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