Epoxy Injection

The King Piers Epoxy Injection method is a proven 3-step process designed to eliminate water infiltration through cracks in the foundation wall of the home or building.

  • Step 1: Drill 1/4″ into the wall crack and clear the hole of dust and debris. Repeat the process every 4 – 5 inches covering the length of the crack. Next, set the wide end of the port firmly into the hole. Finally, mortar the port into the wall using Epoxy 300 Fast. Let dry overnight.
  • Step 2: Using Epoxy 50, 100, or 204 (Depends on width of the crack), slowly inject starting from the bottom-most port until you see the epoxy start to move through the very next port. Put a cap over the first port and begin injecting the next port. Repeat this process until you have injected each port. Let dry overnight.
  • Step 3: Cut off each port flush to the wall, and apply more Epoxy 300 Fast to seal the spots where the ports were to create a seamless finish to the now repaired cracks.


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