Foundation Piers

Patented Foundation Piering System

King Piers LLC employs the use of its own patented foundation repair pier that is used as a footing support system to successfully raise a sinking footing back to its correct level elevation.

Foundation Settlement Cause

Foundation settlement is due to footing failure which brings down the foundation wall that it sits on. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as the movement of soil due to moisture or lack of moisture, the soil type and its ability to support the structure, surrounding trees and foliage that compete with soil moisture, and plumbing leaks. 


Further Guidance

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The King Piers Difference

The King Pier system takes all these conditions into consideration, diagnoses the cause, and creates a plan to raise the footing back to level, in turn raising the foundation back to where it needs to be.

The King Pier is also unique in that it can be installed under most foundation types, including those without a standard concrete footing!

We have successfully installed King Piers underneath concrete, block, stone, and brick foundations without causing any additional damage to those areas.

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