Stone Foundation Repair

Stone Foundation Repair and Renovation System

King Piers LLC uses a “Stone Foundation Repair and Renovation” system to repair damaged stone foundations from the interior of the home.

Stone foundations were common building material and practice in homes built before the early 1900s. The mortar placed between the stones provides the bond for a strong wall of natural materials that can withstand most elements. Over time, though, moisture, freezing temperatures, and shifting dirt cause the stones to move and crack, allowing water and air to penetrate the foundation.


Our Process

Our process entails the following:  

  1. We thoroughly clean the stone walls of all loose debris and mortar.
  2. We apply fresh new mortar from top to bottom and corner to corner filling in any gaps or cracks along the way in the walls.
  3. Once the new mortar has fully dried, we will paint the walls with one coat of white DryLok paint.

The King Piers Difference

From our initial diagnosis to the completion of the job, King Piers has the solution.  We’ve developed a tried and true restoration process that guarantees to bring your structure back to soundness and provide you with the assurance that your home is structurally stable for many more years to come!

We invite you to check out our YouTube Channel, where you can see each job we do in action!

As always, we encourage you to Contact Us if you have any stone foundation repair needs – we do it right, with confidence and we guarantee our results!