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Sewer Pipe Cleaning Overland Park, Ks

King Piers LLC is adding sewer pipe cleaning to our list of services we are offering the public.  If you’re in need of getting your sewer pipe cleaned out, give Kansas City’s Real  No. 1 Foundation Repair Contractor a call at 816-521-8915 to schedule or contact us directly!

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Pipe cleaning is important and should be dealt with before any problems arise.

Pipe cleaning is necessary when drains or pipes become so clogged that water flow slows down significantly. By the time the water flow slows down your pipes are becoming clogged and this is when you have to deal with the problem.


If you have a water back up this can be due to a clogged drain from your sink, toilet, or any other plumbing issue. It is easy to focus on one thing such as toilets being the only part of the sewage system but houses present a whole host of sewer pipes and they all need to be working correctly.

Cleaning pipes before they are clogged can catch clogs before they escalate to a full-blown problem. Catching blockages can prevent a water back up that shuts your whole plumbing system down. If you maintain a clean and well flowing system then you will not have to deal with spending your hard-earned money on a complete fix.

Nobody wants to think about bacteria. But if your sewer gets even partially blocked, bacteria and other pathogens start to gather and multiply in your drains and appliances. This can cause serious health hazards to the people in your home. They may even get into the ground and contaminate your drinking water. If your appliances back up, sewage contamination can ruin an entire bathroom or basement.  


Having to pay for a sewer repair is costly enough and is not a fun responsibility to have to take care of. But if something breaks then you also run the risk of damaged appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. If these don’t drain correctly you run the risk of having to replace those as well. Life is expensive enough!


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