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King Piers is busy saving sinking homes!

Sinking homes

Today, King Piers finished pouring the concrete footings underneath the room addition that is sinking in Olathe, Kansas.
Tomorrow, we will install the king piers after the room addition is raised back to its correct elevation.

The sinking home in Independence, Mo. with the fireplace falling away from the house will be raised
and tilted back snug against the house tomorrow. The fireplace will be supported with the king
piers. The king piers is the best foundation piers on the market. The procedure excavating
below the footing was designed by Jim King. We have yet to have a King Pier sink after the
load bearing steel plate and king pier are installed.

Foundation Repair Specialist are Kansas City’s best foundation repair contractors.
We can straighten your basement foundation wall that is leaning in or out as well as permanently
repair cracked foundation walls.
Call Jim King for a free bid on repairing your foundation. Call me: 816-521-8915 or you
can contact me through my website at
Foundation piering is 90% of what we do and we have hundreds of happy customers!

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