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The rain today in Overland Park, Kansas did not stop the King Pier Team from setting 3 King Pier Load Bearing Steel plates and pouring the 1st pour of high Strength Concrete at 3ft thick. This important step is to provide a solid platform to lift the existing sunken footing back to it’s correct level elevation. The King Pier way of RAISING & STABILIZING a sunken footing is ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly and causes NO harm to the environment or structure. Other systems require bolting steel plates to the footing that is attached to a 3″ hollow tube that is hydraulically pushed down to resistance or until it hits bedrock.  I have looked at hundreds of homes that have previously had helical piers put around they’re sinking house. This system comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Keep in mind that earthquakes in other states such as Arkansas and Oklahoma that occur frequently will VOID all LIFETIME GURANTEES that comes along with this system.

Check out these pictures taken today in Overland Park, Kansas on 3 King Pier Installation project.  Homeowners that use King Piers LLC are smart people. Why does using King Piers to raise and stabilize a sinking home SAVES the HOMEOWNER thousands of dollars compared to all other foundation piering systems.  Did I already mention that the King Pier System is Environmentally FRIENDLY? For all your Commercial Foundation Repair Kansas City contact Jim King at 816-521-8915.

King Piers LLC is a GREEN Contractor that is steadfast in providing an Environmentally friendly Super Strong Foundation Pier that will RAISE & STABILIZE your Home PERMANENTLY!

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The next project for the King Pier Team will be Piering up the church in Kansas City, Mo. Midtown

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