Stabilizing & Squeezing a Sinking STONE Foundation

Stabilizing & Squeezing sinking STONE Foundations

The King Pier Team is working on Stabilizing & Squeezing sinking STONE Foundations Back to its TIGHT original Elevation and position. Today the 2nd and final pour will be done. The next step is to backfill the holes with the existing topsoil that was excavated during the digging of the King Pier designed hole.

Check out this close up picture of the King Pier Shimmed tight against the underside of the existing concrete footing. A picture was taken of the final 2nd pour of high strength concrete total encasing the King Pier up to the top of the existing footing.

Each King Pier contains 4 cubic yards of High Strength Concrete fully encased around 300 pounds of steel. All 100% of our previous King Pier CUSTOMERS are very happy with the King Pier system.

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