Staying dedicated during the Pandemic!

What a start to Spring of 2020 for Foundation Repair in Kansas City during this pandemic! This has been the year of the worldwide pandemic called the Covid-19 or also known as the Corona Virus. Throughout all of this King Piers crews kept working day in and day out doing the Nations best engineering sound foundation repair. None of our customer’s projects fell short of getting completed due to this pandemic.

King Piers LLC will show up during rain, sleet, snow, sunshine and now during a Pandemic. The company you can trust with your foundation is King Piers LLC. People are recognizing that King Piers are hands down the Nations very Best at Engineering sound foundation repair. I get calls everyday from frustrated and angry homeowners who have been ripped off by a foundation repair contractor. I’ve always said, if you see them on TV or hear about them on the radio…stay far away from these companies.

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Stabilizing a brick wall in Kansas City, Mo. By: King Piers LLC
King Piers LLC does the Nations Best Engineering sound foundation repair!
King Piers Exposes foundation repair rip off’s
King Piers in Weston, Missouri building a new CMU concrete filled basement

King Piers team in Kansas City, Kansas where we will be straightening a leaning 4” inward back foundation wall back to vertically level. We will be doing 3 steps of the 4 step King Piers wall straightening process. The concrete footing underneath the back north wall have not failed, therefore no King Pier II’s will be installed underneath the footing of the back wall, eliminating step 2 of the 4 step king piers wall straightening process. Stay tuned in, as we make this foundation #kingpierstrong!
King Piers in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Making this foundation #kingpierstrong!

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