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Stone Foundation Repair 64114

Stone Foundation Repair 64114

Copyrights on the King Pier I, II, III & IV are owned exclusively by: King Piers LLC

I’m very excited to introduce our King Pier IV. This pier is used under Stone Foundations, Multi-Story Buildings, Large homes set on a steep hill. To date, no King Pier has failed after being installed. That true statement is what I’m the proudest of.  Every previous homeowner or business owner is a happy customer to this day. Our King Piers Team of King Pier Methodology Experts is setting the standard for foundation piering and foundation repair throughout the Midwest. We are now going to expand our pier NATIONWIDE! The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking home, building, or heavy structure!  Making friends and saving homes is what we stand for. Our crews will restore your yard after the King Piers are installed back to its original appearance or better.  The cracks in your sheetrocked walls will be repaired and ready for paint for NO ADDITIONAL COST!  Whether your home has a concrete, stone, or block foundation wall the King Pier System has a pier that is perfect for any situation. After 32 years of lifting sunken footings back to their level elevation, I’ve seen it all. That is how the King Pier I, II, III & IV was developed.

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