Stone Foundation Repair in Waldo KCMO

Stone Foundation Repair in Waldo KCMO

Finally, a pier that will LIFT & STABILIZE a Stone foundation wall. The King Piers Methodology of lifting any heavy structure back to its correct level elevation and then Stabilizing the structure from any future settlement is setting the standard in the foundation piering industry.


The King Pier I & II are the most used King Piers. We have a King Pier I, II, III, IV & V.  No other foundation piering system that I know of has a pier for every situation. This alone sets us apart. When we go out to a residence to examine a foundation issue, after discussing the King Pier to the homeowner they are sold on it.


The King Pier is the Biggest & Best Foundation Piering System being sold today.  The 2 main reasons homes and buildings settle or start to sink, are due to Time and Earth Movement.

The Midwest is still in a drought, but the news stations are not talking much about how dry it is and the need for rain. Every King Pier hole that we dig is generally very dry. We dig down to undisturbed soil, sometimes as much as 10ft below ground level. Stone foundations require digging very deep holes and that alone will keep companies from tackling the real problem at the source, but will just add height to the wall making it taller.  The King Piers Way is to go to where the settlement is taking place and that’s in a very deep hole and installing a King Pier I, II, III, IV, or V and cease the settlement from ever happening again.

Is your home #kingpierstrong?

The King Pier Methodology of raising a stone foundation wall and stabilizing it is based on how the hole is dug. The King Pier hole is a perfectly excavated hole. When we encounter the first layer of stone it is never mortared as the stone you visibly will see when standing in the basement, all the stone is tuckpointed all around the stone.  Eighty percent of stone foundation walls are not tuck pointed. During the 2012 drought stone foundations were starting to sink quickly. The main floors were high in the middle and where the floor meets the wall was oftentimes 3″ lower than the center of the floor. The King Piers way is that when we are down to the first layer of stone we have to bore back at least 2ft. We leave 3″ of soil attached to the underside of the first layer of stone. This enables us time to place a 2ft x 3ft 1/2″ directly underneath the 3″ layer of soil, underneath the first layer of stone.  The reason behind leaving 3″ of the soil underneath the bottom layer of stone is to hold the stone from falling 49″ in the bottom of the excavated hole. Once the half-inch thick 2 x 3 plate is placed its home free to squeezing that stone back to where it was originally placed when being built. Homes today are seldom built on top of STONE FOUNDATION WALLS.  The cost of stone is very expensive and the labor force it takes to build a stone foundation is much more than a concrete foundation wall or a cinder block foundation wall. The old historic homes in Independence, Kansas City – Waldo area all are sitting on Stone Foundations.

If your home is showing signs of settlement call the King Piers Team of Foundation Experts to assess the problem and then provide you a permanent solution to solving the problem.

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