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Stone Foundation Repair Project

Stone Foundation Repair Project – Blue Springs, MO

The King Pier Team is working in North Kansas City raising a front porch concrete stoop back to its correct elevation and installing 7 King Piers at a home in Blue Springs, Mo. It’s been a busy day, to say the least. The next job on my list is another home on Gregory Blvd. in Kansas City, Mo. that has a STONE FOUNDATION. STONE FOUNDATION  generally does not have a footing. Once we get to the front side bottom of the stone foundation wall, we will hand hammer in a 3′ x 2′ @ 1/2″ thick Steel Plate. Once the steel plate is hammered in place I will continue to go down another 49″ below the steel plate. Once 49″ below the steel plate I will set another 3′ x 2′ @ 1/2″ thick steel plate onto the dirt subgrade (49″) below the steel plate. I will then order 4000 PSI Air Entrained Concrete w/ 100% Cement (NO FLYASH) and Reinforced with Fiber Mesh.  The Next Step is to place a 3rd Steel Plate on the top of the 3′ of concrete that was poured the previous day. Now I am 12.5″ from the bottom of the steel plate   Using Hydraulic 50 ton Jacks we will raise the steel plate which will move the stone back up to its correct level elevation. The 2 outside jacks will be locked supporting the steel plate (footing). release the pressure from the middle Jack and pull it out of the hole. Place the KING PIER between the 2 outside Jacks. Shim the KING PIER using Steel Shims until the KING PIER is tight against the bottom of the Steel Plate (Footing). Pull the 2 outside Jacks out of the hole. The final step is to pour more High Strength Concrete up above the Steel Plate (Footing) 6″. When the concrete is set up it will lock in around the 300 pounds of high strength steel giving the home PERMANENT Stability after the STONE FOUNDATION RENOVATION has been raised in the KING PIER Sections back to the correct level elevation.

Stone Foundation Repair Project – Blue Springs, MO

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