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Stone Foundation Repair Kansas City Santa Fe Hills

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This coming Monday – February 4, 2014 the King Pier Team will be in Kansas City, Mo. to RAISE the upstairs sloping floors to a level elevation. This is very common in homes with stone foundations. Most stone foundations have no footing. The bottom row of large stone is placed in a dug trench them mortared together stone by stone. The first row is always level and as the wall goes up some STONE will need to be shaped to fit. Stone Masonry is a lost art. I love working on Stone Foundation Walls. Most STONE FOUNDATION WALLS are approximately 2ft in width with concrete sand mortar in between the Stone to keep the STONE from moving. Unfortunately everything in life shifts and changes occur. This Stone foundation is in really good shape. There are several places throughout the basement that needs tuck pointing as well as a WATERPROOFING compound re-applied on areas where it has flaked off. The upstairs hardwood floors are sloped from the center of the home sloping down approximately 1.5″ in all directions. The King Pier Team will raise the upstairs floor by using 6 x 6 treated support beams and hydraulic Jacks to raise the floor to a level elevation. The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the BIGGEST & STRONGEST FOUNDATION PIER on the open market in comparison to the other systems. I have researched the various FOUNDATION PIERING techniques and I sleep very well at night knowing that after I RAISE a SINKING FOOTING back to its correct elevation that the 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete all encased around 300 pounds of High Strength Steel is a PERFECT design for PERMANENT FOOTING STABILIZATION! The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the only system around that I know of that can raise the bottom of a STONE FOUNDATION WALL and raise it back to its correct level elevation. The King Pier way will provide Permanent STABILIZATION to your STONE FOUNDATION WALL after its been raised back and Stabilized to its original level elevation.

Stone Foundation Repair Kansas City Santa Fe Hills

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