Strongest Footing Support System in the country- The King Piers Way

The King Piers Methodology and Pier System is the biggest and strongest footing support system ever engineered.

The King Pier System has 4 different Piers. The King Pier I, II, III & IV. We offer the homeowner and building owner a pier that best suits the foundation issue. With over 7000 piers installed all across the Midwest.  All other foundation piering systems are bid by the Lineal Foot, in other words, a helical type pier starts at +/- $1,500 per LF. The final determination of Lineal feet is the total LF of helical piers pushed down into the soil until bedrock is found or to solid soil that will stabilize the structure/footing. There are several different names for a Helical Pier. The Universal name is a Helical Pier.

The King Piers System offers the homeowner a price per each pier installed with no additional surprise cost to the homeowner or building owners. This gives the owner peace of mind knowing that the contract that is signed will not increase.

The King Piers Team of foundation repair specialist should be your first choice at a solution for all your foundation repair needs.  We travel all across the Midwest to save a sinking home, building, or structure saving the owner thousands of dollars yet giving them the best footing support system ever engineered!

Does your home have a stone Foundation? The King Pier I & IV is the ONLY Foundation Pier that will raise a stone foundation back ton its original correct level elevation in the WORLD!  A stone foundation does not have a footing as a CMU Block Foundation Wall or a Concrete Foundation Wall. A stone foundation’s bottom row of stone is just placed on top of the soil. Finally, a Piering system that will support and raise a stone foundation wall back to level.

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