Structural Engineer Home Foundation Inspection Shoutout

Structural Engineer Home Foundation Inspection Shoutout

Are you in need of a structural engineer?  There are several considerations you must address before doing so.

  1. Holistic Approach – does the engineering firm just concentrate and isolate the presenting problem, or do they consider the entire system?
  2. Scope of Work – does the firm offer a well-defined scope of work, including all the contents of the job, associated costs as well as the clearly defined outcome?
  3. Technical competency – does the firm offer and provide proof that the professional you will be working with is well-educated and experienced in the type of structural work to be completed?
  4. Access to a wide variety of skillset – does the firm offer a wide breadth of access to other firms or companies that can provide the work that they cannot?
  5. Construction process – does the engineer understand the build process?
  6. Innovation – do they offer outside-of-the-box thinking that will provide solutions to your unique situation?
  7. Experience – do they possess the experience that is unique to your situation?
  8. Registered and licensed – do they possess updated, not expired (UGH) certifications?
  9. Building codes – are they knowledgeable in all aspects of building codes and will they adhere to those codes?
  10. Technology – what technology do they bring to the table to streamline the process, make your project come alive, and provide assurances that they will have artifacts that you might need later?

If you are needing a Structural Engineer to inspect your home foundation contact the Structural Engineers the King Piers LLC Team recommends is Norton & Schmidt.

King Piers works with structural engineers on a daily basis, if you have any questions, just contact us!

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