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The below picture is the King Pier supporting the raised footing while waiting to be encased in high-strength concrete. Is your home #kingpierstrong?

The King Pier is the Biggest and Strongest Footing Support System ever Engineered!  Finally, a foundation Pier that stands up to Mother Nature!

There is finally a foundation footing support system that will raise a sunken foundation footing back to its correct level elevation and keep it there forever.  The King Piers Methodology is the Pioneer of raising a heavy structure back to its correct level elevation without causing additional harm to the structure. The helical type piering systems are expensive and have a high failure rate, especially during dry weather.  The King Piers Foundation Piering Methodology gives the customer the choice of the King Pier I, II, III & IV. The King Piers Methodology has a King Pier for virtually any situation.  The King Pier can be installed from the inside of the basement or from the outside of the home.  The King Pier II is the King Pier used when raising a sunken bridge approach slab,  driveway, concrete floor, or garage floors with ease and without creating additional cracks.

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The King Piers LLC Team are experts at eliminating water infiltration into the basement. If you are getting water in your basement after a steady rain, the water is entering the home either through a crack in the foundation wall or a crack in the floor. Keep in mind that the concrete floor is sitting on 1/3 of the concrete footing. Water can enter inside a basement by leaching in underneath the wall and on top of the footing. The water will enter where the floor meets the wall. The King Piers Methodology is different than the other systems. We always saw cut the concrete before removal of the concrete floor when installing a Water Track System. The King Piers way is to go to where the water is. We install our 2 – 4″ PVC Pipes 2 ft below the footing. Most other systems go next to the footing which is too shallow to properly pick up groundwater.  If your home is showing signs of settlement call the experts that will explain in detail why your home is sinking and then give you a choice of the best King Pier for solving your settlement issues forever. King Piers LLC King Pier I, II, III, or IV will solve your issues. Over 7000 King Piers installed without failure! The Biggest and Best Foundation Pier is the King Pier.  The King Piers Team will travel anywhere in the United States to Save a Sinking Home, Building, or Structure!  King Piers LLC is a family-owned foundation repair company. If you have a sunken concrete driveway or patio the King Pier II can easily raise and stabilize your floor permanently! Mud Jacking works but in a short period of time the mud jacking fails and the structure sinks again. This will Never happen when the King Pier II is used to raise a floor, patio, or driveway.  The King Pier II is used when raising a sunken concrete bridge approach slab and will work perfectly for your sunken slab as well, GUARANTEED!

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Is your home #kingpierstrong?