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Structural Foundation Repair Kansas City

Structural Foundation Repair KC

Structural Foundation Repair KC

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Are your basement walls sinking? A large percentage of homes and buildings were affected by the drought in 2012. When a drought occurs the dirt shrinks and cracks. The density in the oil changed. I looked at a home once in Leavenworth County, Kansas and I could stick my hand inside the house because the basement had sunk 3″. This caused severe cracks all over the home. Cracks will appear around doors, windows, and ceilings. The basement concrete floors will develop cracks where one side of the crack will be lower than the other. In some cases, homes needed full basement rebuilds due to the drought. Now it’s four years later and the dirt is still dry when you go down 3ft or more. When installing our King Piers we hand dig a perfect cubed hole 49″ below the existing footing. The holes a perfectly dug. It generally takes a day to dig a perfect hole completely. 

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