Sunken Warehouse Project

Sunken Warehouse Project

The King Pier II raised a sunken concrete warehouse back to its true correct level elevation. One half of the Tru Green Warehouse floor had sunk 2 inches. The Tru Green people liked the King Pier’s way of raising a very heavy and aged concrete floor back to level matching the other half. After 9 days out of town, the King Piers LLC Team of foundation repair specialist conquered the task at hand. Literally, every customer will be a very happy customer after watching the best foundation piering operation in the world.

King Piers LLC and the King Piers Foundation Pier Methodology has set the standard at raising a very heavy structure back to its correct level elevation and keeping it there forever! The King Piers Methodology never will require drilling a hole into a foundation wall or footing. King Piers LLC has 4 different King Piers. All 4 King Piers (King Pier I, II, III & IV) are used for different reasons. The difference between the King Pier I thru IV is solely based on the depth of the hole that is dug when preparing to lift a sunken footing back to its correct level elevation.

Stone Foundation Piers – The King Pier I is the only Foundation Pier in the World that will raise and permanently stabilize a stone foundation. 

If the foundation of your home is starting to settle, crack, or lean contact the King Piers LLC Team of Experts is permanently solving all your foundation repair issues!

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