Staying dedicated during the Pandemic!

What a start to Spring of 2020 for Foundation Repair in Kansas City during this pandemic! This has been the year of the worldwide pandemic called the Covid-19 or also known as the Corona Virus. Throughout all of this King Piers crews kept working day in and day out doing the Nations best engineering sound […]

Patented Pier Methodology

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Patented Pier Methodology Patented Pier Methodology Best Foundation Piers Kansas City Note: The King Piers Foundation Piering Methodology  is Copyrighted & Trademarked by King Piers LLC The Best Foundation Piers ever Engineered is the King Piers System. The King Piers Methodology is vastly different than that of the other foundation Piering Systems being installed today. […]

Best Foundation Piers – King Piers LLC

Being the best foundation pier company in Kansas City, we offer some best practice tips in this article to help you understand cracks in your home. Contact King Piers today and follow us on YouTube because we film every job we do!  Guaranteed! Has this ever happened to you? One day you wake up and […]

Foundation Failures & Cold Climate

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Please see this article from InspectApedia to learn the correlation between foundation failures & cold climate.  What is the Main Cause of Foundation Failures in Clay Soils? Most foundation failures in clay soil have nothing to do with freezing. The culprit is more often the expansion of the soil when it absorbs water. In Fargo, […]