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Earthquake Damage Helpful Information

Earthquake Damage Information – How to Detect, Diagnose, & Evaluate Earthquake Damage Damaged Foundations, Structures, Chimneys, Mechanical Systems due to earthquake damage? Contact us today for guaranteed 24 Hour Emergency Service follow us on YouTube EARTHQUAKE DAMAGED FOUNDATIONS –CONTENTS: How to Evaluate and Diagnose Complex Combinations of Foundation Movement Cracks,

cracks indicate sinking footing
How To Guidance

Basement Wall Failures Causes

Read this post to understand basement wall failures and how the King Piers Methodology can help!   Cracked and bowed or bulging basement walls are a relatively common problem in residential and commercial buildings.  The first sign of damage is usually the formation of horizontal cracks.  These cracks represent some

One King Pier at a time
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The King Pier Guarantee

The King Pier Guarantee The King Piers team of foundation specialists will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, structure or home and we guarantee our results! Our Footing Guarantee The King Piers Methodology is like night and day in comparison to the other foundation piering systems.

One King Pier at a time
King Piers Project Showcase

Footing failure project

Footing failure project Office 816-427-7097 FREE ESTIMATES! Biggest & Strongest Foundation Piering System Commercial Foundation Piers Kansas City The King Piers LLC Team just finished up a 3 week project in Gladstone, Missouri. This was a particularly tough project due to that the foundation had collapsed and

King Piers Project Showcase

Leaning Foundation Wall Leawood, KS

Leaning Foundation Wall Leawood, KS This home in Leawood, Kansas had the east side wall leaning inward 3.5 inches. The King Piers Team tackled this leaning foundation wall and it is now at its original vertical elevation.  This video shows the King Pier underneath the existing concrete footing after it

King Piers Project Showcase

Foundation Piers in Kansas City

Foundation Piers Kansas City Today, the King Pier Team will be straightening a Cinder Block Foundation wall and installing 4 – 4″ H-Beams along the wall after the wall is straightened. The 2nd King Piers crew is working hard in Prairie Village Kansas on a 10 King Pier project

Foundation Analysis and Design Information

Foundation Analysis and Design I feel that King Piers is the BEST, therefore I source information from the best to steer our methodology.  Please see the below on Foundation Analysis and Design, Michael Valley, S.E. Contents 5.1 SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS FOR A SEVEN-STORY OFFICE BUILDING, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3 5.1.1

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Customer Give King Piers Some Love

Customer Testimonials give Praise-check out this post to hear it from our customers. NO neeed to speak on behalf of them, hear it from them. Contact us today to be one of these happy customers! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more of our work! Drought Causing Foundation

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Fully Encased Concrete Piers

Fully Encased Concrete Piers King Piers LLC 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! Senior Citizen & USA Military Veteran Discounts! The King Pier Team just finished up a nice 9 pier job in Lees Summit, Mo. at a duplex that was sinking 1.5″ on both sides. The King Pier System is a

King Piers Project Showcase

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert This is a BEFORE picture of a warehouse concrete wall column that was leaning out 3.5″ from its correct vertical level elevation. The King Piers System Lifted & Tilted this column back to its original correct elevation. This is a AFTER picture of the concrete wall

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