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Commercial Foundation Repair-Earth Pier

Commercial Foundation Repair-Earth Pier Commercial Foundation Repair Introducing the King Pier V “ The Earth Pier”. Guaranteed to raise any sinking Building or Structure back

King Pier 1 diagram - Patented Foundation Piering System

Fully Encased Concrete Piers

Fully Encased Concrete Piers King Piers LLC 816-521-8915 FREE ESTIMATES! Senior Citizen & USA Military Veteran Discounts! The King Pier Team just finished up

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert

Commercial Foundation Piering Expert This is a BEFORE picture of a warehouse concrete wall column that was leaning out 3.5″ from its correct vertical level

The Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier

The Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier Contact us today! I am amazed at the different methods my competition uses when straightening a leaning concrete foundation

Greenwood House

Home Addition Assistance

Home Addition Assistance in Greenwood, Missouri King Piers was called upon by some folks in Greenwood, Missouri to assist them with a home remodel project. 

Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio Update!  Check out some of the cool and exciting projects that King Piers has had the honor of working on for all types


Lift & Tilt a Warehouse Wall

Lift & Tilt a Warehouse Wall! Another Foundation Piering System Failed to Raise & Stabilize this Warehouse back to its correct elevation. The owners got