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Foundation Piering – 101 tips and tricks

  Some stuff about Foundation Piers: What exactly is available and is it the right solution for your structural problems? Since the root of structural problems in the soil, the first two solutions deal with taking the foundation’s weight off of unstable soils and placing it on bedrock or other

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Help! Fix my Basement!

Fix my Basement Kansas City Today in Overland Park, Kansas on a 3 King Pier project a very unusual subgrade was found under the concrete garage floor after the saw cutting removal process of the 3 – 36″ x 36″ square holes was a total of 4′ of sand used

Lift & Tilt a warehouse wall
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Is your COMMERCIAL BUILDING SINKING? We are building Lifters in KCMO! Did you know that the King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System has saved many Historic Churches and Commercial Buildings? Each King Pier contains 4 cubic yards or high strength concrete all encased around 300 pounds of

Save my foundation

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