Foundation Crack Repair Done Right


Foundation Crack Repair Done Right In 9.9 times out of 10, foundation crack repair is NOT done correctly. Literally, for over 25 years, I have been doing Epoxy Injection.  I have tried years ago by spreading the ports 12″ to 8″ between ports and the thinnest of Epoxy will not travel from port “A” to […]

Basement Crack Repair Lee’s Summit

Basement Crack Repair Lee’s Summit, Mo. Crack Repair Lee’s Summit If your basement walls are leaning in or out the King Piers way to straighten the wall back to its correct Vertically Level elevation will never involve the drilling of any holes into your basement foundation wall or footing. We use hydraulic bottle jacks […]

Foundation Crack Repair Information

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Foundation Crack Repair Guidance – Need assistance on deciding if you have foundation cracks?  Check out this information from the Foundation Crack Repair manual. Contact us today! Follow our YouTube Channel to see us in action! Foundation Cracks? First get an Expert Inspection  Foundation Cracks? Hire an Expert 816-786-7043 King Piers LLC  Commercial Foundation Repair Hotline […]

Commercial Concrete Sinking Project

Commercial Building Project

Commercial Concrete Sinking Project – check out our work on a church in Polo, Missouri and how we helped the community save their place of worship and fellowship.  Proud to be the leading experts in commercial foundation repair. The King Piers Team is starting a 11 King Pier installation project in Polo, Missouri today. This […]

Foundation Crack Repair Guidance & Tips

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Foundation Crack Repair Guidance – So, what do you do when cracks begin to appear in your walls? Don’t pull your hair out, just read this guide. Cracks in your walls aren’t just ugly, they can be warning signs for very serious problems in your home. Some cracks are normal and come from the natural […]