Is your House Sinking? Let’s find out why…

Factors of a sinking foundation There are two main factors that will affect your home’s foundation and cause it to sink: Soil¬† – the type of soil that your home is built on is a large factor in the stability of your home’s foundation.¬† Clay soil, a common soil composition in the KC Metro area […]

Foundation Piers in Kansas City

Foundation Piers Kansas City Today, the King Pier Team will be straightening a Cinder Block Foundation wall and installing 4 – 4″ H-Beams along the wall after the wall is straightened. The 2nd King Piers crew is working hard in Prairie Village Kansas on a 10 King Pier project that is just about ready […]

Keeping Basements Dry in KC

Keeping Basements Dry Keeping Basements Dry Some homes come with a basement and some homes only have a crawlspace underneath them. Whichever one your home came with, the space must be kept dry all of the time, not just sometimes, but of all the time to avoid water damage. Many homeowners have problems with a […]

Foundation Piering & Footing Stabilization Specialist

Foundation Piering & Footing Stabilization Specialist-King Piers LLC King Piers LLC Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE! This is a picture of the King Pier Shimmed & Ready for the 2nd and Final Pour of High Strength Concrete fully encasing the King Pier and footing. This is a picture of a King Pier Being […]