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Staying dedicated during the Pandemic!

What a start to Spring of 2020 for Foundation Repair in Kansas City during this pandemic! This has been the year of the worldwide pandemic called the Covid-19 or also known as the Corona Virus. Throughout all of this King Piers crews kept working day in and day out doing

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Strongest Footing Support System in the country- The King Piers Way

The King Piers Methodology and Pier System is the biggest and strongest footing support system ever engineered. The King Pier System has 4 different Piers. The King Pier I, II, III & IV. We offer the homeowner and building owner a pier that best suits the foundation issue. With over

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King Piers Methodology Compared

King Piers Methodology Compared King Piers LLC is a family-owned foundation repair company. King Piers LLC and their Copyrighted Foundation Piering Methodology are far above all other piers being sold to the public today. The King Pier I, II, III & IV have revolutionized the foundation pier industry.  Helical type

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Sunken Warehouse Project

Sunken Warehouse Project The King Pier II raised a sunken concrete warehouse back to its true correct level elevation. One half of the Tru Green Warehouse floor had sunk 2 inches. The Tru Green people liked the King Pier’s way of raising a very heavy and aged concrete floor back

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King Piers Explained in Diagrams

King Piers Explained in Diagrams Foundation Repair Kansas City Copyrights by King Piers LLC Foundation Repair Kansas City Copyrights by King Piers LLC Foundation Repair Kansas City Copyrights by King Piers LLC Foundation Repair Kansas City Copyrights by King Piers LLC All 4 of the above King Piers were Engineered

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Owner Testimonial Concordia MO

Owner Testimonial Concordia MO King Piers to the Rescue in Concordia. This piering job was in response to a frustrated homeowner that couldn’t open or close a garage window for 9 years and the same with the door leading into the house! King Piers raised and leveled the foundation using

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What exactly is Tuck Pointing?

What exactly is Tuck Pointing?  Do I need it?  What makes it a solution that I should investigate and hire? Simply put, tuckpointing means to finish (the mortar joints between bricks or stones) with a narrow ridge of putty or fine lime mortar. Bricks provide durable surfacing for interior and

King Piers Project Showcase

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Foundation Repair Kansas City – King Piers Foundation Repair The main reason I start with the below before and after King Pier pictures of the warehouse wall column that we put back to its true vertical elevation. I want the world to know that the King Piers – Foundation Pier

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The Heavy Lifting Methodology of Foundation Repair

Heavy Lifting of Foundation Repair The King Pier Team is in the 2nd week of a 10 King Pier project in Prairie Village. The time-consuming part of the King Pier installation is the digging of the King Pier Holes. We dig down below the footing 49″ below the footing. This

King Piers Project Showcase

Waterproofing Stone Foundation on a Historic Home in Waldo

Waterproofing Stone Foundation Waldo The King Piers Team finished waterproofing a  stone foundation in Waldo. We started scraping the old mortar and waterproofing compound that was old and falling off the wall. We used concrete mortar to fill any holes or cracks that had developed over 85 years. This stone

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