Are Tree Roots Messing with Your Home’s Mojo?

You want your home to look so stunning that it makes the neighborhood talk. And to your knowledge, you have accomplished just that. Your yard boasts a verdant lawn, lush flowerbeds, and a group of gorgeous, mature trees. You have placed everything just so for maximum aesthetic effect. But are tree roots messing with your […]

Raise & Stabilize without Settlement

Strongest Footing Support System- The King Piers Way

Raise & Stabilize without Settlement King Piers LLC Team of Foundation Piering Experts will travel anywhere to Raise a Sinking Structure, Building, or Home. The King Piers Team goes to any extreme to solve your foundation settlement issue. Never has a King Pier Failed after being installed. The reason is clear. The King Pier is […]

Foundation Repair Tips

Two hydraulic jack solution

Foundation Repair Guidance The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the United States to Save a Sinking Building, Structure, or Home!  Before-King Piers LLC After-King Piers LLC Whether they break from soil settling, roots, hydrostatic pressure, or plain old deterioration, concrete foundations don’t last forever. They will crack and make a way for […]

Affordable Foundation Piers

Concrete repair

Affordable Foundation Piers – We’ll work within anyone’s budget and we even finance. Contact us to learn more! King Piers LLC 816-521-8915 The King Pier Team is happy to announce that we will be adding 2 very important young men to our firm. Grant Truster and Matt King are both College Graduates. Grant a […]

Drought conditions affect foundations in the Midwest

Your home’s foundation is dependent upon the soil that it is built upon.  Drought conditions affect foundations.  Read below to see how this can affect structural integrity. King Piers are experts in soil conditions and how they can affect your structural soundness.  Give us a call or contact us today to learn more! Follow us […]

What is underpinning and how does it affect your foundation?


In case you don’t know what the term Underpinning means, here is the definition: Definition of UNDERPINNING 1 :  the material and construction (as a foundation) used for support of a structure 2 :  something that serves as a foundation :  basis, support —often used in plural <the philosophical underpinnings of educational methods> The most […]


Lift & Tilt a warehouse wall

Is your COMMERCIAL BUILDING SINKING? We are building Lifters in KCMO! Did you know that the King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System has saved many Historic Churches and Commercial Buildings? Each King Pier contains 4 cubic yards or high strength concrete all encased around 300 pounds of high strength steel all supporting […]

Saving Homeowners Thousands!

King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist is SAVING HOMEOWNERS Thousands of dollars on FOUNDATION REPAIR, while giving the HOMEOWNER the BIGGEST & STRONGEST FOUNDATION PIER on the open market to date! Check it out for yourself. Each King Pier hole contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete, Reinforced with Fiber Mesh all encased around 300 […]

Save with King Piers Foundation Services

King Pier Project Portfolio

Save with King Piers Foundation Services! Call KING PIERS at (816)521-8915 and SAVE!  Foundation Piers, Bowed Walls, Footing Stabilization, Wall Support Beams, Crack Repair, Wall Replacement, Floor Leveling, and Sump Pump Installation! King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist is Licensed, Bonded & Carries $2,000,000.00 in General Liability Insurance! King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist has […]