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Footing Failure Causes

Footing Failure Causes: Footing failure is the reason homes start to settle. Why do footings fail? I can assure you that I have seen every

save your sinking house

Top Rated Foundation Repair

We offer top-rated foundation repair services! King Piers LLC is giving the homeowners in the Midwest the very best Foundation Repair, that money can buy.

King Piers Foundation Piering System

King Pier Methodology using Diagrams

The King Pier methodology explained with pictures to showcase our talent, expertise, and guaranteed results. Contact us today to learn more! Kansas City Foundation Repair

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The King Piers Difference

The King Piers Difference Our foundation piering methodology is vastly different from that of other foundation piering Systems. Our Methodology (#kingpiersmethodology) never calls for the

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Test the Track Record

Test the Track Record! Before hiring a contractor to raise and stabilize your foundation, look at their track record of performance. More times than not

King Piers TRUTH in ACTION

King Piers TRUTH in ACTION The King Pier is the proclaimed BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Piering System that your money can buy. The King Pier

Three Types of Concrete Foundations

Types of Concrete Foundations There are many variations of concrete slabs depending on the purpose of the slab.  Below are some useful links for understanding