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Foundation Repair Kansas City
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Structural Foundation Pioneers – Kansas City

Structural Foundation Pioneers The below picture is the King Pier supporting the raised footing while waiting to be encased in high-strength concrete. Is your home #kingpierstrong? The King Pier is the Biggest and Strongest Footing Support System ever Engineered!  Finally, a foundation Pier that stands up to Mother Nature! There

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Structural Foundation Repair Kansas City

Structural Foundation Repair KC Structural Foundation Repair KC King Piers will give your house a helping hand! Are your basement walls sinking? A large percentage of homes and buildings were affected by the drought in 2012. When a drought occurs the dirt shrinks and cracks. The density in the

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Dangers to Foundation Repairs when done Incorrectly

The Dangers to Foundation Repairs completed Incorrectly! Over the years I have seen contractors repair damaged foundations with amazement sometimes. How in the heck did these professionals remove the damaged structural foundation to a large building without it collapsing? Like I said, sometimes I can’t believe some of the structural

King Pier shimmed & Ready for Concrete
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Piering, the best & smartest solution to foundation failure

Piering – the solution to foundation failure Foundation failure can be dangerous if you do not correct the problem. Your house might actually become crooked. Unfortunately the signs of foundation failure do not present themselves until the problem has become serious. These signs included cracked walls, uneven flooring, cracked tiles

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