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Test the Track Record

Test the Track Record!

Before hiring a contractor to raise and stabilize your foundation, look at their track record of performance. More times than not there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on in the foundation repair industry. It’s always wise to get 5 references. Keep in mind they are going to give you 5 of their best customers, therefore get 5 more. I once got a call from a gentleman in Grain Valley, Mo. This man asked me for 15 references before hiring King Piers to raise and stabilize his sinking foundation. I was good with that because every customer we work for is thrilled with our foundation piering system along with our team of foundation specialist. Most all homes are built according to whatever City Codes the home is being built. The City Code for footings allows for a minimum of generally 2ft in width by 6″ to 8″ in thickness. This size footing will fail during a drought if the soil shrinks underneath the house. This minimum size footing will fail 9 times out of 10 if these 3 things occur 1. Time 2. Drought 3. Bad Soil When building a home the King Piers Methodology always goes with overkill when Engineering is involved. Whatever you’re putting underneath the home’s footing must be able to take on the 3 things I mentioned above. The footing size that will never fail a homeowner during rain seasons or drought will be 4ft in width and 3ft in thickness. King Piers has thousands of very happy customers. 

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