The King Pier Assessment Model

The King Pier Assessment Model

The King Piers LLC Engineering Team Assesses on average 25 homes per week.  It is apparent that many foundation repair companies need to go back to school to learn basic engineering sound practices.  I look at homes every day that had some sort of foundation repair done by a local foundation repair contractor and literally everything I see is generally not done correctly.  When I go to a home to assess the foundation, I always explain in detail to the homeowner exactly what is going on with their foundation, give them a solution that is guaranteed to work as well as why the foundation is failing.  We answer any and all questions before the work is agreed upon by both parties, we ensure each customer is fully informed and we are available throughout the entire project to answer further questions or make adjustments as needed, all while keeping our customers informed along the way.

The King Pier I, II, III & IV is a permanent solution for a sinking footing brought back to level and kept there permanently!

So take the fear out of calling for a free estimate and give us a chance to show our methodology to you – we provide honest, reliable, and expert advice.

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The King Pier Assessment Model

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