The King Pier Verified

The King Pier Verified!

1 King Pier has more than 3 cubic yards of concrete and 250 pounds of steel encased around the King Pier. All of this is in just one King Pier hole, underneath the footing, giving the footing support after it’s been raised back to its correct elevation.

No other pier comes close to the King Pier Foundation Piering System. The King Pier Will work perfectly in the most unstable of soils.

To further appreciate our design and methodology, I have heard rave reviews more and more lately.  The other day I followed up on a job we had completed at the request of the homeowner and had a chance to meet with their Structural Engineer.  They wanted the Structural Engineer to inspect the work that King Piers had performed on her home.  I gave him the Engineered blueprint of the King Pier we had installed to help stabilize and level her home. He replied he has never seen anything like it before. He was very impressed with the amount of steel and high strength concrete that encases around the King Pier.

Contact the very best in Foundation Repair work! Now that is King Pier Verified at its finest!

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