One King Pier at a time

The King Pier Guarantee

The King Pier Guarantee

The King Piers team of foundation specialists will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, structure or home and we guarantee our results!

Our Footing Guarantee

The King Piers Methodology is like night and day in comparison to the other foundation piering systems. Other piering systems will expose the entire footing, from corner to corner, of the home or building. However, the King Pier System does not require removing all the soil away from the home down to the footing because our lifting methodology can lift and stabilize the largest multi-story buildings at the footing by installing a King Pier every 10 feet leaving the soil in between undisturbed.

The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System guarantees 2 major factors:

  1. We guarantee to raise your footing back to its correct level elevation every time!
  2. We guarantee to stabilize the footing permanently after the King Pier System is installed.

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The King Piers Leaning Wall Guarantee

Are your basement walls leaning inward or outward? This is a very common issue in the Midwest. The King Piers Team of Foundation Repair Specialist will solve all your foundation issues saving you down time and costly foundation costs. The #kingpiersmethodology does not require drilling holes into the foundation walls or footings as the other systems require.  It makes no sense to drill holes into a foundation wall that is damaged with cracks and aged deteriorating concrete. Drilling holes into a foundation further destroys the wall. Hire an expert that has seen and worked on every type of foundation wall and footings constructed. Simply put, King Piers is making the world level again…one King Pier at a time.

I’d like to mention that the King Pier Methodology is a green system.

Along with being the proclaimed biggest & strongest foundation pier ever designed, its performance, thus far, has been flawless. No King Pier has ever failed after being installed. In other words, the King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System works!

Also ask us about our Senior Citizen & US Military Veteran Discounts. Commercial, industrial, or residential, King Piers will impress you from start to finish!

The King Pier Guarantee – contact us today to learn more!

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