King Piers Tilts a leaning Fireplace back to perfect

Tilting a fireplace back to level!

Tilting a fireplace back to level with the strongest Pier engineered – the King Pier!

Watch the laser line move as our foundation repair specialists slowly raise this fireplace back to its correct level.  The key is in the preparation of the area surrounding and under the affected area.  This is where King Piers shines.  We believe in properly preparing the area, going the extra mile in reinforcing it, and installing piers in high strength concrete to securely attach pier.  We work smarter, not harder.

King Piers tilts this fireplace back against the house as it was the day it was built.
King Piers LLC is the Nation’s Best at Engineering Sound Foundation Repair!

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Don’t be fooled by the other cookie-cutter foundation repair folks that get paid to tear up your foundation.

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