Tuck Pointing Project KCMO

Tuck Pointing Project KCMO –

The King Pier Team chipped away on a stone foundation wall in a home in Kansas City, Mo. that required TUCK POINTING as well as coated with a WATERPROOFING COMPOUND! Some FLOOR LEVELING will also be done on the basement floor in several areas so the floor is free of cracks and is level. In some cases, floor replacement is suggested to the homeowners but the cost of floor replacement is 2 times as much as floor leveling, Floor leveling does it work? Yes! How long will it last? It depends on how much the existing concrete floor sinks. In some cases, I have seen floor leveling jobs that are over 20 years in age and still level. In some cases, the floor leveling is completed a drought hits and the floor will sink overnight. I prefer to remove the sunken concrete to see how big the gap is between the bottom of the existing concrete floor and the top of the sub-grade beneath the concrete floor. If the gap is 1″ or less I will saw cut several 2′ x 2′ square holes using a quickie saw and then order a cement self-leveling high strength grout from a concrete supplier, usually Lafarge Corporation. I will install the grout and vibrate the grout until the square holes are full of the self-leveling grout. this will fill the gap between the bottom of the existing concrete slab and the top of the existing sub-grade.

Call your experts in foundation repair, the King Piers Team!

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