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Straightening a Bowed Foundation Wall is No Problem for the King Piers Team. We do not drill holes in your walls because it makes no sense to us to drill holes into an already cracked bowed wall.  The below picture is of a concrete foundation wall that was leaning in 3.5″ until the King Pier Team came to the rescue! www.kingpiers.com Foundation Repair Kansas City www.kingpiers.com Strongest Foundation Pier in the World www.kingpiers.com King Piers LLC supports the United States Military Veterans #kingpierstrong Members of the King Piers Team! 100% of our materials are made and manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri www.kingpiers.com

Cinder Block Foundation Walls are no problem for the King Piers Team! www,kingpiers.com

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King Piers LLC has a long flawless list of Happy Previous Customers! Our Foundation Piering System is so different and Unique compared to the other foundation Piers being sold today. The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System to date has not 1 Failed King Pier Install.  This is unheard of when talking about the other foundation Piering Systems around the World! If your home is sinking your first call should be to a reputable foundation piering contractor. No matter how different the King Pier is from other piering systems, I tell every person I give a bid to is to get other bids from reputable foundation piering contractors.  The King Pier is the Proclaimed BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Piering System being sold today. I went to look at a foundation that was sinking last Saturday. The gentleman needed 5 King Pier II’s along with the garage and backside of the home spanning approximately 50 linear feet. The other systems would require a minimum of 20 Helical Piers to do what only takes 5 King Piers. Call us today at 816-521-8915 or 816-786-7043 or go to our website at www.kingpiers.com for a FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE!

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